Here Are 3 Great Books You Should Read By Audre Lorde This Juneteenth

Simply put, Juneteenth is a time to celebrate the lives of Black people. Originating in Galveston, Texas, June 19th is the day we commemorate the emancipation of Black Americans. In a perfect world, it’s a day where we celebrate Black culture and everything Black people have contributed to the land. However, year after year, Juneteenth proves to be a time where brands make performative graphics and companies make outlandish new products to attract Black dollars. As we celebrate this year, we will make it a day where we show our appreciation for Black art and Black authors.

Here’s 3 Great Books You Should Read by Audre Lorde This Juneteenth:

1. The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s HouseThe Master’s Tools by Audre Lorde Juneteenth

"Audre Lorde's The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House challenges rampant racism and homophobia that exists within feminism. By recognizing our differences and acting on that recognition, rather than simply acknowledging it, liberation becomes much more attainable." - Review from Elina Arbo

2. The Sister OutsiderSister Outsider by Audre Lorde Juneteenth Book Box

"In these essays from the late seventies and early eighties, Lorde recounts the tension of being a Black lesbian feminist mother academic—how belonging to these various communities put her at odds with people who insist on reducing her down to a single identity." - Review from Kara Reviews

3. Your Silence Will Not Protect YouYour Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde Black Queer Author

"Lorde emphasizes how important it is to speak up. To give witness: “What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence?” ' - Goodreads

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