Super Relaxing Ways to Get Back Into the Groove of Reading

Getting out of a reading slump can be hardreally hard. Sometimes you'll look up and realize you haven't read a book in MONTHS! No matter how many book recommendations, bookstore crawls or book besties, you just can't seem to find your groove with reading anymore. Between work, kids, your relationship and trying to re-build the social life COVID stole from you, it's getting harder and harder to finish a book. 

We get it.

It's why we created the lazy &Lit. bookstore. We know that with all of the responsibilities and demands, it takes a little more intentionality to be an avid reader these days. Ironically, reading can help you manage life's demands a little better. Reading for six minutes a day can reduce your stress by 68%, expanding your mental and emotional capacity for other things in your life. 

But if you've lost your groove, here are 4 relaxing ways to jump back in:

1. Set the mood (to read that is).

Like anything else, sometimes finishing a book will require you to be intentional. Be intentional about your "me time" and self-care. Be intentional about carving out time to relax. Setting the mood to read is the perfect way to get back into the groove of reading. Light a wooden-wick candle, pour a glass of wine, put on comfy loungewear and crack open a book! The Cozy Reading Large Box will give you the book and everything you'll need to be cozy while you read. 

2. Take your book with you the next time you have a self-care day. 

I love to bring my book to my hair and nail appointments! Most of the time, I end up spending most of my day in the shop so I use it to start a new read. Reading a book during a pedicure and chair massage brings my stress score below a 5. Take our stress test here to get your current score!

 3. Listen to an audiobook before bed.

Having someone read to you before bed shouldn't be exclusive to childhood. Sometimes, we simply don't have the capacity to read a book! Listening to an audiobook allows us to get back into the groove of reading in the most relaxing, low effort way possible. Browse our audiobook collection for your next bedtime story. 

4. The coffee shop is cool, but have you tried reading at a park? 

Reading outside is 10x more relaxing than reading at home or in a (sometimes loud) coffee shop. The scenery and the noises of nature is enough to make you want to read for hours. Pack a blanket, a lunch, and our cozy playlist and you'll be out of your reading slump in no time! 

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