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Welcome to lazy &Lit. We’re the only one-stop bookshop that helps women prioritize self-care through cozy reading.

We all could use a lazy day with a book. Imagine that: less meetings, more wine. Less doom scrolling, more reading. Less work clothes, more loungewear. But our aim is to help the people who would benefit the most: women. Tests proved that one in five women experience a common mental disorder (such as anxiety or depression), while only one in eight men experience them. And although one in four women will seek treatment compared to only one in ten men, the decline in women’s mental health is the problem that we’re aiming to tackle daily through literature. 

Why books? Great question! Tests also proved that reading a book reduced stress levels by 68%. It’s more effective than taking a walk, drinking a cup of tea, or even playing video games. Turns out, it’s one of the healthiest ways to de-stress. We want to help you have more feel-good lazy days than feel-bad stressful ones. Our solution is simple: get you to read more books by enhancing your experience.

Visit our Home Collection to start building your cozy reading area, or you can leave it to our specialists to build a full cozy reading experience just for you!

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